Elliott Researchers

Hello and Welcome to everyone on the research team!!!!!

I am writing this to help everyone on the team as it took me quite a while to start getting on board!   Attached is a blank research paper that you should save and use as a guide.


Once you have the file filled out it has to be reviewed.  You can do did by putting in a new post at the following line to all the researchers and asking for the paper to be reviewed before publishing.


Once it has been reviewed please repost the file saying it is ready to publish.  The paper has to be put into wordpress if you do not have an account Chris can made one for you.   The password are very long so I keep it saved and just click to login.

Once in wordpress go to contacts (link below) you can either find a company to update here or you can add a new one.  Before doing any research for a new company I check to see if we already have one done that just needs to be updated.


If you have to add a new file you have to cut and paste from our file page in google docs to Word Press.  Once you are done “Save as Draft” and do not actually “Publish” the paper until it has been review by Will or myself.

(I find that publishing is the hardest part a lot of cut and pasting which you have to do that in wordpress). Chris can setup an account for you.  bookmark the page and save your password once Chris sends it.


All of our documents are at the following link.   I am hope this is correct as I have my own google doc drive.  (please someone correct if I am wrong)


To see a file on the internet that has been published go to google and type in the following:

site: elliott.org company name (in google)

To update a site go to wordpress and you have to find the paper here is a good link for papers just published.



Here are some links I use please add your and share with us.






http://www.ceoemail.com/us-companies3.php  find CEO’s




Welcome to everyone and let’s get together and figure out our Calendar and what companies we need to work on.   I am going to ask Will to set this up.

I hope this help by you can call or email 24X7

Bill Chilton

(972) 800-0308 cell

(469) 200-5310 Home