Three sites that you will find interesting and enjoy plus help with being home!

JustWatch sifts through almost every streaming service out there (115 at last count) to help you find a specific title or show you’d like to watch. In just a few clicks, JustWatch will tell you where to find it, where it’s available on a subscription streaming service, and how much it costs to rent or buy.

Firefox Send lets you send files for free with end-to-end encryption, no sign-up required. Upload a file up to 1GB and Send will create a link that automatically expires for you to provide to the recipient. If your files are larger than 1GB or you need more flexibility, you can create a Firefox account to share files up to 2.5GB, share files with multiple people, and keep links active for up to 7 days.

Certainly, the government is collecting mounds of data. The problem is that much of this data is housed on various sites that make analysis difficult at best. is a not-for-profit nonpartisan resource that takes unfiltered government data and presents it in a meaningful and understandable way.

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