New scam to get your information and money

do not use that public USB charging station!

It’s the busiest travel times of the year. People will be crowding airports

How many times have you been about to board a flight only to realize your device is about to die and you are at the airport

Your first instinct is to find one of those public charging stations. That way you can plug your phone in, if only for a few minutes, to give it some extra battery life that will hopefully last long enough.

Police are warning people against using public USB stations like the ones you find at airports. That’s because hackers are using a scam known as “juice jacking” to rip people off.

Here’s how it works: While most of the legitimate charging stations are probably fine, it’s possible for some to be configured to install malware on phones, or even steal data via juice jacking. Just plugging your phone or tablet into a hacked port could put everything on your device at risk.

All your information can be on your phone, “credit cards, passwords to banking accounts, your home address — all of that if you’ve ever put it into the internet anywhere could potentially be saved in your history in your phone.”

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