4 site Concurrent Cascaded RDF for migration testing in Mainframe Environment

Goal: Migration from Old Two Site to New Two Site w/ DR protection

Key Requirements:

  1. Synchronization while maintaining protection
  2. Minimal downtime during migration
  3. Allow for transition to new SRDF replication

Test Plan:

  1. Initial testing environments setup
    • Setup a 3.5 TB DB2 environment

• Setup IVP and IOdriver on testing hosts

• Setup SRDF on Old Two Site with DR protection

• Prepare RDF capable devices on New two Sites

• RDF will be on Fiber and Gig/e type links

• Varied types of drive sizes and protection will be used ex mod-54,mod-27,mod-9,mod-3 and Rain-5, Raid-10, Raid-1

• Distance up to 1,700 miles / 2,800 km will be used

  1. Migration Procedure(s)
    • Add New Sites one at a time (SRDF/A => Concurrent => Concurrent Cascading)

• Link Old Two Sites and New Two Sites (SRDF/A, RDF/Ad Copy disk => Concurrent Cascading)

  1. Data verification and Consistency Check on New Two Sites
    • Verify that TPC-C database can be start on Site C (and D) without media recovery/data loss/data corruption
    • Verify DB2 Data
    • IVP


  1. Our team (Use Case Group) will be focusing on scalability and data consistency during the execution of migration procedure(s).
  2. A total of >4000 devices and 4 RDF groups will be used in Mainframe testing environments

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