WILLIAM M. CHILTON 1740 Overwood Drive Frisco, Texas 75034 Home Telephone (469) 200 5310 Cell Telephone (972) 800 0308 (bill.chilton@att.net)

Summary of Qualifications

  • 15 years + years of experience in computer science and software management for large scale clients and fortune 500 companies
  • Managed Nextel billing systems (for Amdocs)
  • Worked as a Senior Global Solution Architect for EMC
  • Implemented and helped sell STAR* solutions across Asia, Europe, South America, Mexico and US
  • Developed a training class (one and two week classes) and trained over 200 people around the world in EMC products including performance and how to present our products to customers
  • Performance Analyst when customers around the world had performance Issues and successfully remedy the situation.
  • Worked in Mexico City with HP to ensure that their new arrays would be virtualized and structured to meet their performance needs and moving the data to a new data center. We were so successful that we received 15 new contracts from HP to do the same things at all their data centers
  • Attended customer meetings with Key Executives around the world as needed with the ability to travel same day as requested
  • Available for customers on a 24 X 7 basis and giving each customer my home number to call

For the last twelve years I have worked as a Senior Global Solution Architect for EMC managing key accounts by taking the lead on technical initiatives ensuring each customer had a solution plan for their key objectives and each plan was implemented to the customer satisfaction. Worked with key executives to efficiently form a clear solution and do performance analysis to ensure that the services and products they were purchasing would work to their objectives and standards. I was only one of three GSA’s that worked with the CSE’s and were able to call the customer solution engineers (CSE’s) when help was needed or a customer had a special need that had to meet their requirements or products had to be changed or customized. I had a top secret clearance until 2014 when it expired but still have my secret clearance.


Volunteer for the last year and a half as a research director for Chris Elliott at http://elliott.org/ and developer of computer classes and teacher at Frisco Lakes learning center for introduction to computers, learning the web, email and other computer subjects.

EMC – Dell. Boston, Ma 2003 -2016

Global Solution Architect – Part of a team of 3 people selected to work with Engineering and Partners to travel the world bringing solutions to customer problems, training the field and helping with pre-sales and post-sales of Symmetrix products. Performance champion that would study arrays and detail issues on how to fix those issues plus determining how to configure new Symmetrix for best performance using modeling. I also developed training class on EMC products including STAR that I taught about the world in countries like Japan, China, India, Europe and the US including EMC partners. I have worked with VMware, Cloud computing, UNIX, LINUX and other software packages including Tier Advisor, Speed and other EMC products

Amdocs, Champaign, IL 2002 – 2003

Project Manager – Manager of UNIX team supporting Nextel production and billing operations comprising Superdome clusters, over 100 sun systems and Citrix farm of 130 servers. Developed team by organizing work schedules, utilizing personnel, working on project schedules and having successful weekend projects completed on time. Responsible for upgrading systems, performance improvements of EMC frames by moving and striping data. Solutions for ongoing projects including backup, performance, upgrades and installation of HP 64 way Superdomes

Hitachi Telecommunications, Atlanta, Georgia 2001 – 2002

Systems Engineer of post sales support of Hitachi products on Sun E4500 Enterprise servers, HP J 9000 series running HPUX 11.0, 10.2, Sun Solaris 8.0, running Oracle database and Weblogic, Veritas volume manager, Veritas file system, Oracle, Netscape, DNS and NFS on Cisco 3600 routers configured for RIP and OSPF. Liaison between customer support and development for new products enhancement. Support of product development and testing of Hitachi products in presales capacity and post sales support.

Communication Technical Systems Inc, Dallas, Texas 2001

Presales Systems Engineer – providing technical support for strategic partners and customers targeted by sales team. Accompany sales team on sales opportunities to customer sites doing presentations, helping with sales calls. UNIX administration at customer site configuring SAN (storage area networks) using McData switches connected to IBM Shark storage devices. Developed IBM AIX RS6000 system administration manual for customer.


Master of Business Administration

Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia

Bachelor of Arts in Management

Richard Stockton State College, Pomona, New Jersey

Dean’s List

I am speed certified and passed two EMC proven exams and VCE certification


System Administration IBM, HPUX, Inside HPUX, MC Service Guard, Networking classes for IBM AIX SP, HP, SUN and Digital Equipment, Storage area network training classes and all EMC products including XtermIO and Symmetrix.


EMC and VCE Certified, 4 Excellents at EMC awards 2015, 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze Issued by Peers.

BellSouth ACE Award (only 40 per year for all BellSouth Companies), BellSouth Department Head Awards for outstanding contributions,


SRDF/Star is a three-site disaster recovery solution that consists of the Primary (production) site, Secondary site (regional), and the Tertiary site (out-of region). The secondary site synchronously mirrors the production site, the tertiary site asynchronously. In the event of the primary site outage, SRDF/Star allows to quickly move operations and re-establish remote mirroring between the remaining sites. It operates in two modes namely Concurrent SRDF/Star and Cascaded SRDF/Star. SRDF/Star provides the following advantages: •The ability to maintain protection and business continuance despite the loss of any site in a three-site configuration (primary, secondary, tertiary). •The ability to resume asynchronous protection between the secondary and tertiary sites, with minimal data movement, in the event of a primary site failure.

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