Short-haul Economy Class Comparison Chart for Seats. Find a good seat go to

SeatGuru is a website that compares seating accommodations for airlines from all over the world. They describe foot room as “pitch,” which is the distance from the back of your chair to the back of the chair behind you. Width is the distance from armrest to armrest.

Since pitch and width measurements vary based on the size of the plane, the information below is based on an Airbus A320. According to SeatGuru, people consistently rank seats on these planes as the most comfortable.

American Airlines: 31-inch pitch, 18-inch width, no TVs, has Wi-Fi

Delta Air Lines: 31-32-inch pitch, 17.2-inch width, no TVs, has Wi-Fi

Frontier Airlines: 28-29-inch pitch, 18-inch width, no TVs, no Wi-Fi

JetBlue: 34-inch pitch, 17.8-inch width, a TV in every headrest, has Wi-Fi

Spirit Airlines: 28-inch pitch, 17.75-inch width, no TVs, no Wi-Fi

United Airlines: 30-inch pitch, 17.7-inch width, no TVs, has Wi-Fi

Virgin America: 32-inch pitch, 17.7-inch width, a TV in every headrest, has Wi-Fi

Best: Overall, JetBlue provides the most comfortable flying experience for their passengers flying coach. Customers have at least two more inches of foot room, wider seats than most of the competition, and it’s free to watch the TVs on the back of the headrests!

Worst: Frontier and Spirit are consistently ranked low by customers. Not only is there less foot room but their seat cushions do not have as much padding as the competition. However, both of these companies are considered low-cost airlines and they even advertise the fact that cutting comfort is how they are able to keep their prices low.

Although comfort is important, it may not be the most important factor that determines whether or not you purchase a ticket. If you’re simply looking for the best price then read about these Google Flights secrets.

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