Tips for Iphone


Do you ever feel like someone just doesn’t understand you? It could be because text can be easy to misinterpret. Using emojis can help you convey what you’re feeling, but what if the conversation needs to be more professional? You don’t want to throw an emoji into a text conversation with your boss, or a company email.

Instead, emphasize words by making them bold, underlined or written in Italics.

To do this, tap and drag your finger across the words you’d like to emphasize and wait until the cut/copy/paste toolbar pops up. Next, tap the little arrow at the end of the toolbar to bring up more options. Then, tap where it says BIU. This will bring up the toolbar for Bold, Italic and Underline.


You know those basic headphones Apple includes with every new iPhone? Well, they may not be so basic after all. You can actually do some pretty handy things with them. From skipping songs to answering or declining phone calls, and even snapping selfies, here are eight quick commands you can do with the headphone buttons.

  • Toggle, pause, or play audio: Tap the center button once.
  • Fast forward: Tap the center button once quickly, then press and hold.
  • Rewind: Tap the center button twice quickly, then press and hold.
  • Skip a song: Tap the center button twice quickly.
  • Play previous song: Tap the center button three times quickly.
  • Accept an incoming call: Tap the center button once (toggle), tap again to hang up.
  • Ignore an incoming call: Tap and hold the center button (you’ll hear two beeps when the caller is sent to voicemail).
  • Take a photo: Tap the volume up button and say cheese!


Identifying each of your contacts with custom ringtones makes it easy to know who’s calling without even looking. But what if you’re somewhere that requires you to have your phone on vibrate?

This little trick is buried, and not many people know about it. There’s actually a way to create custom vibrations for your contacts, just like ringtones. Here’s how it’s done:

Within your phone app, tap Contacts, then select the name of the contact you’d like to customize. Next, tap Edit, then scroll down until you see where it says “Text Tone.” This setting is typically on Default. Tap the arrow on the right-hand side and scroll until you see, “Vibration.” Tap this arrow and scroll past the different built-in vibration options until you see “Create New Vibration.”

Here, you’ll see a blank gray screen where you can tap out custom patterns. Tap the beat of your favorite song if you’d like, or do something completely random. After you’ve recorded a new vibration pattern, hit Play to play it back, and once you’re happy with it, hit Save.



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